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Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System: Protecting Your Loved Ones with Cutting-Edge Technology

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The safety of our homes and loved ones is of utmost importance to all of us. In today’s fast-paced world, we need advanced systems that can constantly monitor potential hazards and take prompt action to prevent accidents. That’s where the Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System comes into play. This state-of-the-art system is designed to detect and prevent gas leaks and carbon monoxide (CO) exposure, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in homes, offices, hotels, schools, and other buildings where gas connections are present. In this blog, we will explore the specifications and features of this innovative safety system.

1. Sensing Device

The first component of the Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System is the sensing device. This device is responsible for continuously monitoring gas levels and detecting any leaks. It can detect natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), coal gas, and carbon monoxide. The system operates on 220V AC power and is equipped with a 9V Ni-MH rechargeable battery as a backup power source. This ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages.

When a gas leakage occurs, the sensing device promptly senses it and triggers an alarm. The alarm is designed to be both audible and visual, providing immediate warning to occupants of the premises. Additionally, the sensing device has a test button for regular system checks, ensuring its proper functioning. After an alarm is triggered, the system automatically resets itself, ready to detect any future leaks.

2. Cut Off Gas Supply Device

The second component of the Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System is the cut off gas supply device. This device is responsible for swiftly stopping the gas supply when a gas leak or elevated carbon monoxide levels are detected. By cutting off the gas supply at the source, the system helps prevent potential explosions, fires, and health risks associated with gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cut off gas supply device can be mounted in various locations, depending on the user’s preference and specific requirements. It can be installed at the main gas supply point or separately in each room, particularly in the case of hotels or offices. The device is adaptable to different pipe sizes, ensuring compatibility with diverse gas systems. This flexibility allows users to customize the system according to their needs.

Features and Technical Specifications

The Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System offers a range of features and specifications that make it a reliable and effective solution for gas leak detection and prevention:

  1. Intelligent Home Safety System with High Reliability: The system is designed to provide a dependable and robust solution, ensuring the safety of occupants.
  2. Alarm Levels: The system triggers an alarm and initiates the gas supply cut off if the gas concentration reaches 10% of the lower explosive limit (LEL), equivalent to 2000 parts per million (ppm). Additionally, if the carbon monoxide level exceeds 200 ppm, the gas supply is also automatically shut off.
  3. Alarm Indicators: The system utilizes LED lights to provide clear visual indicators of an alarm situation. A corresponding red LED flashes to draw immediate attention to the presence of a gas leak. A yellow LED, accompanied by a long-buzz beeper, indicates a multifunctional status or fault.
  4. Sound and Flash Alarm: To ensure maximum alertness, the system produces a sound alarm with a minimum sound level of 85 dB within a three-meter radius. Simultaneously, the visual alarm in the form of flashing LED lights enhances the effectiveness of the warning.
  5. Operating Temperature and Humidity: The system operates reliably in a wide temperature range, from -10°C to 50°C. With an environmental humidity tolerance of up to 95% RH, the system performs consistently even in varying conditions.
  6. Installation Mode: The Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System offers flexible installation options, allowing users to mount the devices on walls or pipes, depending on their preferences and requirements.


The Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System sets a new standard for protecting homes, offices, hotels, schools, and other buildings where gas connections are present. With its advanced sensing and cut off gas supply devices, this system ensures 24/7 monitoring of gas leakage and carbon monoxide levels, providing an immediate response to any potential threats. The system’s intelligent features, reliability, and easy installation make it an ideal choice for individuals and organizations concerned about the safety and well-being of their occupants.

Remember, safety is paramount, and investing in the Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System is an investment in peace of mind. With a one-year warranty and free installation, Fenam stands behind their product, demonstrating their confidence in its performance. To learn more about this cutting-edge safety system, contact Tevolution, the authorized distributor of Fenam products.

Stay safe, stay protected with Fenam Intelligent Home Safety System!